Beating the Odds at the Digital Casino

Note: This post originally appeared on the Institute for Digital Transformation Site in February – I have updated it slightly to include here. We are living today in the middle of a “perfect storm” of digitally-enabled business, societal and individual transformation. The pace and reach of this transformation has accelerated exponentially since 1963 when IContinue reading “Beating the Odds at the Digital Casino”

Digital Transformation – Guiding Principles

Digital Transformation is an evolving journey – a journey without end. The Guiding Principles below are intended to help organizations successfully navigate that that journey. Culture and Mindset: Digital transformation is about much more than technology – it is fundamentally about culture and mindset and requires moving beyond a technology mindset to a business valueContinue reading “Digital Transformation – Guiding Principles”

Breaking Free of the Industrial Age Mindset

A search for Digital Transformation on Google finds ~500,000,000 results, which is likely close to ~500,000,000 more than would have been found only a decade ago. However, finding a clear, let alone consistent definition is more difficult. The term is not well understood, and all too often grossly misused. Part of the reason for thisContinue reading “Breaking Free of the Industrial Age Mindset”

Fear, Frustration and Hope in a Covid-19 Threatened Digital World

We live in unprecedented times. With Covid19, we are in a global war with an invisible enemy – a war in which we are both potential victims of, and foot-soldiers for that enemy. We all live in fear for ourselves, and even more so for our families – our parents, children and grandchildren, as wellContinue reading “Fear, Frustration and Hope in a Covid-19 Threatened Digital World”

The Dark Side of Digital

In 2013, I wrote a post reflecting on my 50 years in IT, and the pursuit of value from the use of IT. I described the changes that had occurred over that time since I started my working life as a computer operator on an IBM 1401, which had a (not really published as such)Continue reading “The Dark Side of Digital”